Newsletter Normandy - November 2019


Good afternoon,

We are pleased to send you our November 2019 Newsletter, to give you information about the events in Normandy! 

This month you may enjoy:

• Les Rendez-Vous Soniques, Music Festival

• Granville's Poetic Jousting

• Le Goût du Large, Gastronomy Festival

• EquiSeine, Horse Fair and Jumping Competition 

• Deauville Marathon

• Novembre Gourmand

• Rendez-Vous des Médiathèques

• Northern Culture Festival, Les Boréales

• This is England, Film Festival

• Russian Film Festival

• Geekorama

• Games and Imaginary Festival

• Les Egaluantes, Film Festival

• Herrings and Scallops Fair

• Cider Festival

• Orientation Race

• Great Dukes Nocturnal Trail

• International Cross

• Bonnemare Castle Cross

• Beaujolais cup, Sailing Race

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For more events in Normandy,
you can have a look at the Official Normandy Tourist Board website