Newsletter Normandy - February 2020


Good afternoon,

We are pleased to send you our February 2020 Newsletter, to give you information about the events in Normandy! 

This next month you may enjoy:

• Normannia, medieval-fantastic festival

• Granville Carnival

• International Agricultural Show

• Caen BMX Indoor & Urban Sports  Fair

• Ice Skating French Cup

• Careers Trade Show

• Cinemovida

• Winter Facts Artistic Festival

• Cabourg in Love

• Saint-Pierre des Marins

• Valentine's Day Fair

• Ultimate Frisbee Championship

• Craftsmanship Fair

• The isle in the isles

• Tout feu, tout flamme

• Festival Running Normand

• Winter Festival

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This month being all about love, we decided to give you the opportunity to express it to your loved ones in a different way!

Send us your love message before February 13th, for us to write in our shop windows!

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For more events in Normandy,
you can have a look at the Official Normandy Tourist Board website