Flaubert Bicentenary

This post was written by Anaïs Niobey

2021 marks the bicentenary of Gustave Flaubert’s birth in Rouen (Seine-Maritime).

His life in Normandy, his attachment to this region, especially as a place for writing, his international notoriety and the translation of his works into all languages make Gustave Flaubert an extraordinary artist in the history of Normandy.

To celebrate this internationally renowned author, both public and private entities around Normandy have joined forces to offer a diverse programme of events that will run troughout the year starting this April.

You can take a look at the programme here.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Gustave Flaubert had to live through quarantine as well?! Have a look at this interesting video (in French) based on a letter by Gustave Flaubert to his cousin, Olympe.

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