La Barjo, Normandy’s craziest trail run

This post was written by Christine Bonhomme

La Barjo, Normandy’s craziest trail run

16 – 17 June 2018

 Dear fellow runners,

 The French non-profit organisation, Cœur d’Enfant, is holding the 9th annual race of the ‘La Barjo’ trail run on  Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 June 2018.

The race takes place each year on the stunning West coast of the Cotentin Peninsula, between Barneville-Carteret and Beaumont-Hague.

 Several options :

  • Saturday 16 June at 10pm: 15K (9.5 miles) night loop trail from Beaumont-Hague.
  • Sunday 17 June, 4 options :
  • 4:30am : ‘La Barjo’ – 100K (62 miles) ultra-trail between Barneville-Carteret and Beaumont-Hague.
  • 10am : ‘Demi Barjo’ – 50K (31 miles) trail between Urville-Nacqueville and Beaumont-Hague. (31 miles)
  • 1pm : ‘Port Racine’ 25K (15.5 miles) trail between Saint Germain-des-Vaux and Beaumont-Hague.
  • 3pm : ‘Mini Barjo’ 15K (9.5 miles) trail loop from Beaumont-Hague.


  • Not enough?

Take on the ‘Barjo Challenge’ and run both the night trail and the ‘Demi Barjo’ trail the next day.


  • Still not enough?

Take on the ‘Big Barjo Challenge’ and run both the night trail and the ‘La Barjo’ ultra trail the next day!


‘La Barjo’provides a unique chance to run the Cotentin’s beautiful coastal and cliff paths (including the famous Sentier des Douaniers, and support a great cause!


2500 runners took part last year, so why not cross the Channel and join us!


Sign up at (closing date 1 June 2018)


See you there!

Association Cœur d’Enfant