Our new shop windows display: Normandy for Peace – Normandie pour la Paix

This post was written by Christine Bonhomme

Maison de Normandie’ s exhibition about the Regional project: Normandy for Peace.


The Normandy Regional Council intend to promote peace through its cooperation projects and aims to become “the key region for discussing the peace situation around the world in the same way that Davos is the site of debates on economic issues. It has therefore been suggested that a World Peace Forum should be held every year in Caen in parallel with the D-Day Landing commemorations. The first such event could take place in June 2018, but would first be preceded in March 2017 by an initial conference to make preparations for the Forum.” (Extract of “Normandy’s European and international policy Strategic policy document” – downloadable on the Normandy Region website: www.normandie.fr).

Maison de la Normandie presents a windows display on this wonderful and ambitious project from the Regional Council of Normandy. Have a look at the amazing pieces of art exhibited, kindly lent by the Memorial de Caen, such as a gun transformed into a saxophone, a replica of the Knotted Revolver sculpture and a copy of  the remains of the first known peace treaty! You may also learn more about the Nobel peace prize winners and the Cartooning for Peace projects through our display!

We would like to thanks our partners in Normandy: The Memorial de Caen Museum, the Regional Council of Normandy and The Normandy Regional Tourism Board for lending us the objects and contents on display.

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Regional Council of Normandy
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