Shop window display – Literature

This post was written by Anaïs Niobey

We are celebrating some important milestones birthdays this year in Normandy and therefore, in our shop windows, we’re paying homage to 3 authors:

Happy 500th Anniversary Gilles de Gouberville!

If you don’t know the name of Gilles Picot, seigneur de Gouberville, don’t worry, come over Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche and have a look at our side window exhibition where you’ll learn more about him and about his “Journal”, the only testimony of day-to-day life in rural Cotentin in the 16th Century! By the way, you can buy the latest edition of the 3 volumes of the “Journal de Gouberville”, in Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche!

Many events are happening right now to celebrate Gilles de Gouberville in Normandy, and, fingers crossed, we’ll be able to bring to Jersey, on 24 Septembre 2021, a very special play about Gilles de Gouberville’s diary! Don’t worry if you don’t master French and embark on an incredible journey with this 1hour where you’ll be immerse in the life and words of a 16th century Norman!

More info coming soon!!

Happy 200th Anniversary Gustave Flaubert!

The author of Madame Bovary is Norman through and through, born and raised. Even if he wasn’t always singing the praise of his home region, it was definitely a source of inspiration for his work!

To celebrate this important birthday and one of the most influential French authors of the 19th century, an intensive programme of events is planned in Normandy. Pop in to learn more about it!

Happy 150th Anniversary Marcel Proust!

Although Marcel Proust is not Norman, he spent a lot of time in Normandy, most especially in the seaside resort of Cabourg, so much so that he moulded his imaginary town of Balbec on it!

Marcel Proust’s legacy is still very much present in Cabourg with the Villa du Temps Retrouvé and the Promenade Marcel Proust!

As a little nod to one of the iconic depictions in Swann’s way of the narrator eating a madeleine cake dunked in tea, we have in our shop a little selection of Madeleine cakes from the Norman company la Biscuiterie Jeannette 1850! Want to try some?