Shop Window Display – Street Arts

This post was written by Anaïs Niobey


Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche’s shop windows have just been renewed to highlight the many street arts festivals taking place in Normandy every year which we look forward to seeing again.

This display was created in collaboration with the Norman Street Arts Network (ReNAR). This network, born in 2006 from the will of 11 cultural structures based in Normandy, accompanies the creation and programming of many street arts companies.

ReNAR is now made up of 14 members and helps make Normandy a welcoming and burgeoning land for street arts.

Discover the exhibition of photographs and sculptures generously loaned by the Archipel in Granville (Manche) and the artist Véronique Texier, also based in Granville.

Thank you very much to our partners for their help in setting up this exhibition: ReNAR Network, l’Archipel Granville and Véronique Texier.